Artist Statement

The Mendelson Series is based on my photographs taken inside the Mendelson’s Liquidation Warehouse in Dayton, Ohio. Using artistic license, I deviated slightly from some of the original placement

I love the geometric shapes, unusual colors and tarnished textures, as well as the depth and angles of the warehouse rooms. The overall context is extremely important to the space of the canvas. Many of the objects are unfamiliar, with the interesting and unique shapes. This makes painting them even more appealing. Acrylic paint on large canvas is ideal for this series.

The worn and neglected tools and machinery throughout the huge warehouse creates an incongruous – dingy yet dignified-environment. The once strong, loud, productive and purposeful machines are now broken, silent, static and without purpose. They are profoundly represented in the Mendelson Series.Some of the paintings have been sold, while several others have been selected for local and regional juried art shows.


Marcia Goldentien Professor of Art at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, juror of a recent Fairfield Glades Art Guild show, chose Mendelson 7, as Best of Show. Her comments as to what she looks for in a show “1. Quality of execution. 2. Skill with the medium-this is not realism, but more how can this artist effectively express themselves? 3. Does the image engage me? It’s not the subject! Some pieces convey more than the image..”

Joseph Mella, Director of the Museum of Fine Art, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN choose Mendelson 4 for a recent art show. His comment about this particular painting, “Nice painting style with rich coloration. Interesting combination of painterly style on industrial forms makes for an interesting composition. Good confidence. Very Successful…”

[hr] The interest and feedback in this Series has fueled it’s duration. This store house of old mechanical item’s of the past has provided a visual experience in paintings for the present.

Mendelson Series

Other Paintings

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